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About Dinberg Photography

I have always been a photographer. From my first Brownie Hawkeye to my current canon equipment, I have been learning to capture the perfect image, or a lasting impression. What began as snapshots of those childlike things grew into traveling the world as a commercial photographer. I’ve hung out of airplanes over Sydney Harbor at 7000 feet to add perspective to experimental aircraft and I have covered almost every sporting event. I shot the legendary photographs of Payne Stewart’s last victory at the 1999 U.S. Open and from those images produced the “Tribute To A Champion” lithograph.

Looking through the lens of a camera has been a major component of my life. As technology has changed and evolved, so have my skills. I first learned to grab the right shot at precisely the right moment with film. And now in this new and changing world of digital photography, I offer my clients not only my creative eye, but a vast knowledge and implementation of the latest technology.

Steven Dinberg Photography is the culmination of over 30 years of professional photographic experiences. I have designed the studio to enable me to offer my clients a creative vision, extensive technical skills and a expertise that allows me to create exciting cutting edge images.

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